Some talks I’ve given:

Chaos Computer Congress, 36C3, Dec 2019:
“The Ultimate Acorn Archimedes Talk”.
Slides PDF (38MB!!), Video, Youtube The creation and workings of the Acorn Archimedes
Hackaday Belgrade, May 2018:
“Bitbanging is so 2017: Fast peripheral control from RPi and friends”.
Slides PDF (19MB!), PDF w/ notes, Video on Youtube Driving HUB75 LED panels from a Raspberry Pi using the video hardware. (‘Technical issues’ on stage, oh well… :) ), January 2012:
“Hack Everything: Re-purposing everyday devices”.
Slides PDF, Video on Youtube A talk on the creative recycling and re-use of electronic junk., January 2012:
“Bloat: How and Why UNIX Grew Up (and Out)”.
Files on Github, Video on Youtube Comparing V6 UNIX of the 1970s with modern systems.
Make, Hack, Void, May 2011:
“FPGAs for bits & giggles”.
Slides PDF, Files TAR A beginner’s guide to FPGAs.